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Quick tips to save on cloud costs

Small- and medium-sized businesses are adopting cloud technologies. However, some business owners may not be aware of certain hidden costs. These costs don’t seem much at first, but they can eventually snowball. Follow these five tips to keep the cloud from breaking the bank. No standalones Cloud services come in various shapes and sizes, many […]

Reasons to automate small-business marketing

Over the years, marketing automation has become more accessible to small businesses. Thanks to innovative cloud solutions, large and small enterprises can reap the benefits of automating tedious marketing tasks. Here are a few advantages to automating your small business’s marketing efforts. Inbound lead assignment When you have phone calls, emails, and meetings piling up, […]

Intro to Battery Backups

Uninterruptible Power Supply systems, otherwise known as UPS or battery backup devices, are commonplace in homes and offices nowadays. Their primary purpose is to keep devices on in the event of a sudden power outage, but some devices may regulate voltage and prevent damage from power surges.

The difference between Groups, Yammer, and Teams

Yammer, Outlook Groups, and Microsoft Teams have plenty in common. They’re all Microsoft 365 tools designed for sharing files and communicating with colleagues. So what differentiates them from one another, and when should you use which? Let’s take a quick look. Outlook Groups With Outlook Groups, every member gets a shared inbox, calendar, project planner, […]

Top 5 tips for a successful web conversion

Grabbing people’s attention and converting them to prospective customers is the goal of any professional website. To do that, you need to create a terrific-looking and user-friendly site that encourages visitors to sign up for eBooks, consultations, and other services. Be sure your website follows these five rules that make it easier to convert visitors. […]

Recovering Unsaved Word Documents

We all have the same fear when writing up a document in Microsoft Word; losing all the progress made due to not saving the document. There are many reasons why this may happen, whether a power outage knocks out your computer, closing the program without saving, or simply forgetting to hit save and finding your progress was not recorded.

Choosing the best MSP for your business

Technology underpins nearly every aspect of modern business processes. The problem is that managing technology can be complex and tedious. This is where managed IT services providers (MSPs) come in. Whether a company needs software to record customers’ data, network infrastructure management, or cloud technology, MSPs can provide these services and much more. MSPs defined […]

Importance of Warranties

Buying new equipment, whether it be computers, copiers, or more, is an investment for any business. However, what many do not consider it buying a product based on how good its warranty is. Since this equipment can get expensive quickly, protecting your investment should be one of the most important factors of your decision.

Deleting Users: Is it a Mistake?

All firms that has to fill positions with employees also deal with turnover. There are different rates, but regardless of the industry, this introduces a problem; how to deal with user accounts on a computer or application. Often, a firm will decide that since that employee is no longer associated with them, that user account can be deleted.

Gmail hacks for busy workers

Gmail is a staple for businesses nowadays; all stakeholders, from investors to clients to suppliers, use Gmail to manage their email. But despite its ubiquity, many users — especially smaller enterprises — can stand to improve their Gmail experience. The following tips can make your Gmail usage faster, simpler, and better for your needs. Undo […]

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