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Fully Managed IT Services

Stop holding your workforce back with sub-par IT service. Get unlimited support with a fixed monthly fee.

Most small businesses face at least one of the following:

Frequent IT problems

Desire for more stability

Cybersecurity concerns

Outdated tech

Too much IT/operation knowledge with a single individual

All of these problems can be easily solved with managed IT services.

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BrickTech’s fully managed clients average a 54% reduction in IT problems after the first three months of service and a 65% reduction after the first year.

Build IT like a Brick Wall with our Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services is a revolutionary concept that completely reverses the service dynamic. By paying a fixed fee for unlimited IT support services, BrickTech’s interest become aligned with yours. The fewer problems your team has, the more profitable we are. It’s a win-win situation!

Consider how everything would change if you weren’t charged for every IT support call.

  • How would that affect your productivity if your systems worked as intended?
  • How would your team’s view of the company and management if they had a proper IT department to contact?
  • How would your cybersecurity resilience be improved if experienced professionals’ setup all new equipment?
  • What advantages over your competition could you gain by keeping up with the latest technology trends?

Ready to find out?

Hiring BrickTech to manage all of my IT concerns has been the single best business decision I have made. Our office used to have software and hardware issues daily. Ever since BrickTech has been working with us, everything has been working so much smoother. They resolved issues we didn’t know it was possible to correct. These guys are fantastic.

Dr. Kimberly Hobbs
Oviedo Animal Hospital


BrickTech’s Fully Managed IT Services comes with:

Monitoring for system alerts & viruses 24/7

Controlled updates for windows

Improved remote support via our management app

Anti-virus software

Security awareness training

Access to BrickTech’s IT documentation platform

Unlimited business hours support

Unlimited after-hours support for system down emergencies

No additional fees for software & hardware support or projects

10% discount on hardware purchases in the first 12 months