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A shaky IT infrastructure equals an unstable business

And leaves you facing familiar tech troubles

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    Consistent downtime?

    Constant errors and bugs can greatly hamper productivity and bring your business processes to a halt

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    Concerned about data security?

    Unknowingly clicking on bogus attachments and phishing scams means a data breach is inevitable, often resulting in a loss of thousands

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    Frustrated employees?

    Miscommunication and the inability to collaborate effectively can delay projects and irritate your employees

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    Directionless technology investments?

    You know you need new technology, but are overwhelmed by the myriad options, often purchasing the wrong hardware and software, that provide low return on investment


A successful company is built from the ground up

Let our IT solutions strengthen your business’s foundation...brick by brick

Managed Services

Managed IT Services

For an affordable, flat-rate fee, we proactively protect, update, and maintain your network so IT issues are low and productivity is high



We’ll protect your data with best-in-class security software and expert monitoring, all while ensuring compliance



A cloud-based telephone system allows your business to safely make, receive, and monitor local and long-distance calls affordably

IT Support and Consulting

IT Support and Consulting

You get expert advice from our experienced professionals on how to continually improve and secure your network for maximum uptime and efficiency

Elevated Efficiency

Elevated Efficiency

A downtime-free network promotes a happier and more productive workplace

Maximum Flexibility

Maximum Flexibility

The ability to collaborate on-the-fly transforms your company into a well-oiled machine


Building you a worry-free network

With our 4-step action plan

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    Schedule an appointment and we’ll send a BrickTech security expert to analyze your network in-depth

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    Once your network has been reviewed, we will inform you of current and potential weaknesses in your IT infrastructure

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    We’ll then create and implement a customized plan of action to strengthen your network

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    Peace of mind

    With us supporting and improving your IT, you can direct your resources to what you do best: growing your business

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Through a combination of state-of-the-art end-point protection
systems and expert cybersecurity strategies.

Your data is safe from common threats to advanced cyberattacks, 24x7x365


Network Protection

BrickTech’s certified security experts look after your system constantly and are trained to identify and resolve any cyberthreat as quickly as possible


Workstation/User Support

You get a dedicated team of experts with the ability to resolve any security issue rapidly — all you have to do is pick up the phone and call


Server Support

We’ll proactively monitor your servers, detecting and resolving threats using signature analysis, access management systems, and anomaly detection


Secure Wi-Fi

We provide advanced network reporting and early alert systems that deny any unauthorized access to your business-files


Backup and Disaster Recovery

When business is down, every second counts. That’s why BrickTech doesn’t provide a simple backup solution, but a true disaster recovery system. We will have your business up and running within an hour of a natural or man-made disaster

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