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Cost-effective, easy-to-use managed IT solutions that allow you to focus on your business

Service outages that bring your operations to a halt not only aggravates your staff, but lowers your productivity and revenue potential as well. Everyday IT problems drain your business of important resources, forcing you to spend on additional IT staff, equipment, and software.

Instead of spending your money on more staff and equipment, partner with BrickTech to handle all your IT needs. With our managed IT solutions, your Lake Mary business will have all the technology tools it needs to thrive without hurting your budget and business strategy.

We partner with the most reputable technology brands in the world and hire top-notch IT talent to ensure that all of our clients experience enterprise-grade managed IT deployments and support. On top of that, our managed IT solutions are flexible and can be adjusted to meet your business’s unique demands. So whether you’re experiencing rapid growth or are trying to slow down for the off-season, your business will always have enough software and network capacity.

The many benefits of our Managed IT service include:

Time and money savings – You won’t be waiting around for a long time hoping for a resolution. We’ll address your IT needs quickly and decisively.
Scalability and agility – We’ll deploy managed IT solutions that will keep up with your business, whether you’re expanding or dialing back.
Reliability and security – We only use the most reliable and secure tools and apps from the most reputable technology developers.
Expertise – Leverage the skills and experience of our team of technology experts.
Improved ROI and lowered risk – Our fees are affordable and predictable, and you won’t need to make massive investments to elevate your IT.

Aside from providing top-notch IT consulting, BrickTech offers other productivity-boosting IT solutions

IT Consulting

Unlimited IT consulting and support for a fixed monthly fee


Data Backups

Keep your business running through any disaster or downtime event



Secure and affordable unified communications systems for SMBs



On BrickTech’s Managed IT Services plan, we handle the day-to-day management and support of your company’s technology needs with the purpose of improving productivity and reducing overall costs. You are then free to allocate your IT staff toward the most important technology tasks your business requires. If you don’t have an internal IT team, we can also handle all of your IT needs for you.
That depends on your business’s unique IT needs. For most SMBs, outsourcing their IT allows them to manage costs and even improve IT capacity and capabilities without needing to invest in expensive equipment and software.
Yes, we can. As your Managed IT Services provider, our goal is to get you the best technology at the best price possible. We’ll even help negotiate with vendors on your behalf.
It may seem like your technology is already working perfectly but in our experience as IT experts, we can always find ways to improve your performance, save money, and update or replace obsolete hardware or software.

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