Server Maintenance Checklist

Server Maintenance Checklist


Performing the steps in the following checklist will help keep your server running healthy.


  • *Install all Windows security updates within 30 days of release (or within 7 days for secure environments).
  • *Check OMSA (Open Manage Server Administrator) for hardware alerts and component temperatures.
  • *Check event logs and investigate any “Critical” or “Error” type events.
  • *Review hard disk space. Verify the C:\ (operating system) stays below 85% capacity. Verify all other drives stay below 90% capacity.
  • *Verify endpoint protection (anti-virus) software is installed, running, and up to date.
  • *Verify backups are working as intended.


  • *Install all Windows non-security updates.
  • Update all other software applications. Please note that some software requires more frequent updates.
  • Update drivers and firmware as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Please note that some systems require drivers and firmware to be updated more frequently.
  • *Review server resource utilization (i.e. CPU, memory, disk, network).


  • Open the server and blow out all dust from the fans and other components.
  • Verify the server is raised up off the ground at least 2 inches.
  • Verify at least one power cord is plugged into the battery side of an uninterruptable power supply.
  • Review Active Directory Users and Computers, disabling or removing unused entries.
  • In Active Directory Users and Computers, verify all members of the “Domain Administrator” security group actually need the privileges.
  • Verify the operating system and all software is not past end of life (end of support).
  • Review the age of the server and plan to replace it after 7 years
  • Review the warranty status.
  • Optional (but a good idea): Review folder permissions.

*These steps are better performed by monitoring/management services to alert you immediately when an issue occurs.

Important Notes

All work on servers should be performed by qualified individuals.

This checklist does not include security checks, which are critically important, but beyond the scope of this document.