How Investing In Technology Can Vastly Improve Workplace Productivity

How Investing In Technology Can Vastly Improve Workplace Productivity

One of the main objectives of any workplace is to be as efficient and productive as possible. Afterall, the more productive a team can be, the more profitable that team will be. What a lot of people fail to realize, is that to be the best you must invest to be the best. No, not Jordan Belford Wolf of Wallstreet investing, rather invest more in technology within the workplace, and it’s simple; growth in productivity will be seen.

Research has also been done to show that when someone is interrupted while working, it takes them on average 23 minutes to become engaged in that task again. For instance, file sharing between colleagues is one of the most common productivity slashers. All the time waiting for your colleague to respond when they’re out of the office and send over a file you need can be eradicated simply by using file-sharing technology like DropBox. DropBox is a secure place to add files for everyone in the office to easily access. No more waiting on Jerry to finish lunch to send over this week’s sales report.

Another way to stay productive is to adapt a dual monitor layout in your workspace. Studies have shown that using dual monitors increases productivity anywhere from 29% to 44%. Displaying multiple tabs at once and being able to have complete visuals of your projects is a great way to stay on task. While doing this, you can update your computer. If an upgrade costs $100, but it saves 30 minutes a week, although that doesn’t sound like a lot of time, that’s 26 hours a year! For that quick fix, that 26 hours of working is worth a lot more than $100.

You can also track productivity through productivity tracking software that allows teams to evaluate their workday and how much time was spent being off task. Once seeing the results, goals can be set as well as rewards for employees being more efficient in the office. Thus, enhancing employee morale, which will never be a negative result. They also source their data from over 450,000 users allowing you to see potential growth and evaluate office performance.

80% of US employees document being stressed from ineffectual workplace communication. An easy way to cut this is to implement applications like Slack. Slack allows employees to communicate amongst each other without fully interrupting someone via phone or having to take the extra time to type out an email for something so simple. It allows for a channel of communication that won’t interrupt the task at hand. That way Jerry can eat his lunch in peace when his colleague informs him, they got the file on DropBox.

By investing in technology such as file-sharing, CRM software, productivity tracking software, or a business communication platform, the office can be transformed and productivity can be upgraded to be as efficient as possible. Imagine a workday where you can have full control over your time and stay focused to be the most productive. Luckily, when it comes to investing in technology the once imagined is now the mission *possible.