Importance of Warranties

Importance of Warranties


Buying new equipment, whether it be computers, copiers, or more, is an investment for any business. However, what many do not consider it buying a product based on how good its warranty is. Since this equipment can get expensive quickly, protecting your investment should be one of the most important factors of your decision. Consider two competing brands of computers. One may be cheaper than the other, but it may not offer any warranty, or it may not be good coverage. It pays to do research and do some cross-shopping when considering products.

Warranties often feel like a way for manufacturers or retailers to hike up the price, and they certainly can be costly. However, the benefits and costs need to be considered before deciding if you need one. Saving a few hundred dollars may be the difference between a computer that lasts 4 years and one that can last 7 years with a complete parts warranty. In other words, warranties support a long-term strategy. When deciding, be sure that the price matches the benefits, and compare them between products for the most informed choice.

How to Lookup

The previous section may help you decide whether or not to get a warranty for a new device, but what about the devices you have already purchased? Don’t worry! Many manufacturers offer a system to look up the status of a device using the Serial Number. To find the serial number, look for a barcode on the back or bottom of the device with Alpha Numeric characters associated. For example, Dell lets you lookup your serial number (seen here). Once you enter the information, you will see warranty information and even documentation and parts. This way, you can be sure that your device is covered at any time, and some even offer you the chance to purchase coverage. Make the best decision to balance budget with protecting your investments.