How an Audit Keeps Firms Safe

How an Audit Keeps Firms Safe


Why Auditing Matters

Audits are not fun, flashy, and they do not produce anything exciting. What they are, though, is necessary. Business owners need to be aware of what goes on with respect to their IT infrastructure, whether they do it themselves or have dedicated IT staff to manage that side of the firm. Unfortunately, auditing is one of the things that gets overlooked most often. Lack of auditing makes it many times more likely that a breach goes undetected for a longer amount of time. This is the most important bit: Auditing does not stop breaches, what it does is help you identify a breach quickly and helps you respond faster.

What to Audit

Auditing must be as in depth as possible. The more you audit, the more you know what to prepare for and what your shortcomings are. Almost everything that makes us your IT infrastructure should be audited, but we have included below a quick checklist of what to audit first:

  • If there is a server onsite, this is the first thing to audit. Servers often support the backbone of the company as well as hosting sensitive information.
  • All workstations and mobile devices that have network access or have important information. Make sure they have strong passwords.
  • Network health is critical as well. Make sure the traffic on your network can be accounted for.
  • Policies regarding acceptable use, configurations, and disaster recovery need to be kept up to date. Auditing helps you understand which need to be revised.
  • Of course, there are many more aspects of the business that should be audited regularly. These are some of the most important, but each business has different priorities. The main lesson to take away is to know your network, audit regularly, and give priority to your network.

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