Cloud vs Local Servers – Where should you store your data?

Cloud vs Local Servers – Where should you store your data?


Demarcus Lanier 3/31/20

Businesses are existing in an age of great change. With the changing of the times, there are now various ways that a company could choose to store and retrieve their data from. The newfound emergence of cloud computing has provided an option to the businesses who would prefer to not have to maintain, setup, or buy underlying infrastructure. Cloud computing allows a company to store information in another location with the promise of high availability that the company can rely on being there. However, there are some draw backs to this.

Cloud computing is still vulnerable to attacks just like any other system and the business would be leaving their data in their hands. A company would need to have great faith in the cloud storage provider that choose. If the cloud service provider goes down, your company will go down along with it.

Local servers in a sense can give a company that piece of mind. When you have your own server in house, you are 100 percent in control of that server. All disaster recovery efforts, backups, updates, and other maintenance are fully within the company’s control. That is certainly a big piece of mind but also requires more time and effort than simply storing it in the cloud.

There are many measures that can be taken to ensure security in both situations. Security is very important and more important than it ever has. AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud have a great ton of measures in place to ensure high availability, durability, performance, and cost saving measures to make sure that your data is safe with them. Having your own local server can give you that same piece of mind, if you are willing to put the time, money, and effort into your local server.

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