Don’t Send Another Email Until You Have Read This

Don’t Send Another Email Until You Have Read This


Email Is Not Secure

Email is the number one way that small businesses communicate both internally and with clients. Its popularity comes from allowing people to multitask and having a “send it and forget it” kind of functionality. This popularity makes it dangerous, however. Email often sends messages in plain text, which means that the message you send across the internet is not encrypted and anybody that intercepts the message can read it. This may come a surprise to many who rely on email to share passwords, codes, and other information that needs to be kept from the wrong hands.

Check Who Sends Your Firm Emails

Email’s popularity makes it a big target for cyber criminals. Spam is synonymous with email, but spam is much more than just an annoyance. Malicious emails are sent out by the millions. Clicking on one of these emails can infect your mailbox or worse, your entire network. A comprehensive set of policies regarding emails should be put in place at every firm that deals with emails. Users must be educated and trained regularly to identify malicious emails to keep the firm secure. There are many ways to harden your emails systems which can be implemented by a knowledgeable IT professional.

Find Alternatives

Email is not the only way to send messages and files within a firm. Look into practice management software that has built in chat features. There are also business-oriented chat programs that are designed to make communications easier. The important thing is to find alternatives that are have the functionality you require without sacrificing security. Implementing these alternatives can be overseen by an IT professional as well.

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