Never Forget A Password Again with LastPass

Never Forget A Password Again with LastPass


Everyone knows the frustration of having multiple passwords for all your different sites, each with its own complexity requirements. Nowadays, we log in to pharmacy accounts, shopping sites, education portals, and countless social media platforms, not to mention work-related passwords. What too many people rely on, however, is a sticky note on their desk with their login credentials or a note on their phone holding their banking information. These methods are insecure because they allow for anyone to get this information if they are in the vicinity. This is where password managers come into play.


Password managers are similar to having a note on your devices with one notable difference: you need to login to see the passwords. Without the login information, the passwords in your vault cannot be accessed. LastPass is a powerful password manager because of the extra features it provides as well as the emphasis on security. Logging into sites requires only a few clicks as opposed to typing out your email and complex password thanks to its browser extension functionality thanks to their autofill feature. LastPass keeps your master password (the one you will use to login to the service) safe, even from themselves. Should LastPass servers ever be compromised, your master password will not be.


LastPass is great for personal and business use. They prioritize ease of use, meaning you can download their app to your mobile devices and get the same functionality you would on a computer. This powerful service saves people time and makes computers easier to use. Why rely on your own memory if LastPass will do it for you? Businesses that leverage this service can rest easy knowing that users will not be calling repeatedly about forgotten passwords or potentially compromised credentials. Get started with LastPass by clicking this link.

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