Cyber-criminals are always searching for vulnerable networks

Cyber-criminals are always searching for vulnerable networks


What Hackers Want

Cyber-criminals are always searching for vulnerable networks. Hacking is a volume job: it is necessary to check as many potential victims as possible so that they can find their “golden goose.” Being in the network gives the hacker a lot of leverage over the firm, and likely a large payout. Once they find a network that has a weak link, they drop the other targets so they can focus on infiltrating the vulnerable one. These bandits want more easy targets so they can move from jackpot to jackpot quickly. This principle is crucial for businesses to understand: the goal is not to be un-hackable, but rather to be secure enough so that they consider your business not worth their time.

What Hackers Don’t Want You to Know

The best way to set up your cyber-defense strategy is defense-in-depth. Splashing the cash on only training, only firewalls, or only VPN’s is not going to be enough. Once that one wall of defense is down, it’s a free for all and the criminals likely win. However, adding layers upon layers to trip them up will yield the best results. Frustrating these hackers reminds them that they don’t have to finish the task and that there are easier targets out there. Remember, hackers do not have quotas! The tips above should not be the only defense implemented, but they should make up part of the whole plan. Your job is to put up as many effective roadblocks as you can.

What You Should Do

Spend time training your staff. Procedures need to be done efficiently, but more importantly, securely. Do not be afraid to invest on secure infrastructure in multiple levels. You do not need to have military level encryption, but a good enough firewall, password policy, and training will make life hard enough that a hacker may give up. Keep tripping them up, and they are more likely to quit. Lastly, have constant monitoring in place. Prevention is the majority of the battle, but being able to respond quickly to a threat is just as important. This is where dedicated IT staff comes into play. Many business owners are busy enough with the day to day, IT concerns are often transferred to a staff member or an external firm. It is important not to understate the importance of security when it comes to sensitive information.

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